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ITV IQN 700 714 lbs. Nugget Style Ice Machine

ITV IQN 700 714 lbs. Nugget Style Ice Machine

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Ice Queen N machines are designed to produce ice nuggets, which are ideal for blending drinks as they mix the flavors without diluting them. These ice nuggets have a moisture content of 10% and a dense texture, allowing them to keep drinks cold for longer periods of time. The unique characteristic of these ice nuggets is their shape, which is a cross between an ice cube and crushed ice, but with a uniform cut. They are firm on the inside and soft on the outside, making them perfect for cooling fruit juices or yogurts at food exhibitions. The Ice Queen N range boasts a highly efficient evaporator, resulting in reduced energy consumption while increasing ice production. Additionally, these machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis system that uses signaling LEDs to indicate the machine's operation and alert users to any potential issues, allowing for quick response and resolution. The body of the machine is constructed with stainless steel and features a convenient on/off button for easy use. This innovative ice-making trend is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry, offering crunchy ice that enhances the drinking experience in various leisure environments and upscale establishments.

ICE QUEEN N Ice Maker, modular, nugget ice, 714 lb. production/24 hr, high evaporator efficiency, electronic control, front LED display, I-Check Smart System, 304 stainless steel construction, cETLus, NSF.

Dimensions 28(h) x 22(w) x 24.5(d) inches.

ITV IQN 700 714 lbs. Nugget Style Ice Machine Spec Sheet

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