Dodger Dog

Dodger Dog

If you're a baseball fan and happen to find yourself in Los Angeles, there's one thing you absolutely cannot miss - the Dodger Dog! This legendary hot dog is named after the iconic Major League Baseball franchise, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and boy, is it a treat for the taste buds. Picture this - a juicy 10-inch pork wiener nestled snugly in a steamed bun, just waiting to be devoured. It's an absolute delight for hot dog enthusiasts and foodies alike.

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And where can you find this culinary masterpiece? Well, you need to head over to Dodger Stadium, located right in the heart of Los Angeles. This iconic sports venue not only hosts thrilling baseball games but also serves up some of the most mouthwatering hot dogs in the entire city. Trust me; the Dodger Dog is worth every calorie.

This iconic hot dog has become so popular that it has even spawned a small chain of restaurants in the region.

One such restaurant, aptly named Dodger Dogs, can be found in Universal City, California. Can you imagine being able to indulge in this delicious treat whenever you want? It's a dream come true for any hot dog enthusiast!

But just how popular is the Dodger Dog? According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Dodger Stadium sold a staggering 2 million hot dogs during the 2011 season alone. That's right - 2 million! With numbers like these, it's no wonder that the Dodger Dog has earned its title as the reigning champion of hot dog sales in Major League Baseball ballparks.

When it comes to Doger hot dogs, there are two lines that every fan needs to know about: steamed or grilled.

The vendors of the grilled dogs have strategically set up shop near the back wall of the stadium, ensuring that the mouthwatering aroma of sizzling hot dogs doesn't overwhelm the seating areas. These grilled Dodger Dogs are considered the "classic" version, and they are an absolute must-try for any true baseball fan.

What sets the Dodger Dog apart from other hot dogs? Well, it's not just the size or the fact that it's named after one of the most beloved baseball teams in history. It's the unique combination of flavors and textures that make it truly unforgettable. The juicy pork wiener, perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor, is complemented by the soft and fluffy steamed bun. Add your favorite condiments like ketchup, mustard, or onions, and you have a culinary masterpiece in your hands.

Thomas Arthur the Dodger Hot Dog Creator

During his tenure as the food concessions manager at Dodger Stadium from 1962 to 1991, Thomas Arthur was credited with the creation of the "Dodger Dog." Originally marketed as a "Foot Long" hot dog, Arthur believed in truth in advertising and proposed to Walter O'Malley, the majority owner of the Dodgers, that the hot dog be officially named the "Dodger Dog." This savory treat became so popular among Dodger fans that it was even praised by actor Vincent Price in his cookbook, Treasury of Great Recipes. Initially produced by the Morrell Meat Company, the hot dog's production was later taken over by Farmer John, one of the Dodgers' main sponsors. In 2004, Hormel acquired Farmer John, but Smithfield Foods acquired Farmer John from Hormel in 2017. However, in 2021, Smithfield and the Dodgers failed to reach an agreement on a new contract, resulting in the removal of the Farmer John name from the product.

So, if you find yourself in Los Angeles, make sure to indulge in the glory of the Dodger Dog. Whether you're a die-hard baseball fan or simply a lover of good food, this iconic hot dog will surely leave you satisfied and craving for more. Don't miss out on this delicious piece of Los Angeles culture - head over to Dodger Stadium and experience the magic for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you!

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